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It’s happened to the best of us; you’re in a little too much of a rush and before you know it, your phone decides to declare itself the next Michael Phelps of the nation named Your Bathroom Toilet. Now, you can act in one of several ways:

·         Stare at the phone in shock and hope that much damage isn’t done,

·         Quickly reach into the toilet without thinking and try to turn it on,

·         Flush the toilet and hope the phone stays in place long enough for you to grab it without touching too much water,

·         Start planning the funeral.


If you are part of the crowd in option one…don’t bother trying to save the phone–the fact you are willing to wait so long for your phone to die should tell you it won’t wake back up. For those of you who fall into the second category, let me ask you this: If you wanted to find out if a person who was drowning but has gone limp was still alive, would you insert a live wire into the pool? No? Then why would you try to turn on your phone? Category 3-ers…what ever you do, DON’T FLUSH THE TOILET (if your phone fell in) otherwise I’m sure many people wouldn’t like to receive an early Christmas present. Chances are all you are doing is subjecting it to a waterslide that ends halfway through your toilet pipe. If you pride yourself with being part of the last group……then we hope you have the money to buy another phone!

However, this post is meant to inform you of what to do if your phone falls into water, so here it is!

1. Do not attempt to turn the phone on if it has fallen into water.

2. Be quick to remove it from the water and avoid shaking it so as not to move water to its other components. IMMEDIATELY remove the battery.

3. Place both the battery and phone in a bowl of rice for several days to ensure all the moisture has evaporated (usually, I attempt to leave it for two weeks).

4. At all costs, do not apply heat to the phone. This is why: Heat + Water = Boiling + Phone = Adios!

At the end of the day (or days), when you have finally been able to whip your phone into shape and inform it that its gold-medal days are over, we surely hope that you are not without a phone and $400 in debt!