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a classic car Polish your pride and joy until it gleams, and then join in the fun.

Clean the Engine First

Ensure your car sparkles inside and out, but start with the engine and engine compartment first. Grease and oil can splatter onto other areas if you clean this area later. Throw a few towels over the top of the fenders too, so that you don’t damage them with degreasers. Don’t forget to clean the underside of the hood and the trunk lid.


Your vehicle’s wheels collect dirt and brake dust which can contaminate your car’s exterior if you do not clean them first. Pay close attention to the body around the wheels where mud loves to collect. Don’t use the same sponge on the wheels as you use on the body. Use a toothbrush to get into the crevices on the rims.

Let the wheels dry and apply a dressing. Most products have applicators designed to minimize the mess and maximize the appearance of your tires.

Wet Before Washing

Always spray off the worst of the dirt with water before you start to wash with a sponge or mitt. Otherwise, you may scratch the clear coat. Try to wash your car in the shade so the water does not evaporate quickly and spot the finish.

Buy Appropriate Products

Don’t wash your car with dishwashing detergent. Spend a few dollars and buy gentle car soap with surface conditioners and invest in a decent sponge or wash mitt. Rinse your sponge or mitt well after each use. Store everything in a plastic bag to avoid contamination.

Start at the Top

This may seem obvious, but soap and rinse your car from the top down. Rinse thoroughly with a spray nozzle to remove any soap residue, otherwise you will have a haze on your car.

Dry & Wax

Dry your car with a chamois or microfiber cloth to avoid water spots. Change your cloth frequently and use a new cloth on each new area of your car. For instance, use one cloth for the windows, another for the wheels, and several for the body.

Wax is an important step, because it protects your vehicle from the elements. It also adds gloss and depth to your paint job. Always apply wax in the shade and use a very thin coat. Work in a small area, dry until hazy, and then buff with a clean, lint-free, soft cloth.

Avoid Touching Chrome

The oil in your fingers will smudge chrome and it can deteriorate it over time. Use a soft cloth to polish it up.

Clean the Glass

Use an automotive window cleaner to detail the mirrors and windows. Household window cleaner with ammonia does not do a very good job. Once you clean the exterior, hop inside and take a peek. You may need to do the inside, too!

Spiff up the interior and you’re ready to go. Check out one of these shows and socialize with others with the same passion for classic vehicles.

Spring Car Shows

April 1

April 29

April 29

  • (11am – 3pm)
  • Wingate Residences
  • 235 Gould St Needham, MA
  • Family Fun Cruise-Show
  • No fee to enter, peoples’ choice trophies.
  • Free lunch for participants, exit 19B off 95/128 near Muzi Ford
  • More details at 781-455-9080.

April 30

May 12 – 14

May 21

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