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a home with an insurance policy that is not renewingYou’ve received a notification that your insurance company won’t renew your home insurance. While sometimes a company refuses to renew for reasons out of your control, other times it’s because you did something that increased their risk.

Here are the most common reasons insurers don’t offer a policy renewal.


One of the most common reasons for refusing to renew your home insurance policy is failure to pay your premium.

You can apply for a new policy through your agent, but a history of non-payment can make finding affordable coverage more challenging. However, insurance agents access many companies and you can bundle your policies for customer loyalty discounts. If possible, consider setting up automatic deductions to avoid further problems.

Too Many Claims

Insurers base premiums on calculated risk. If they see you’ve submitted a number of claims, they may decide not to renew.

Maintain your home, perform routine inspections, and increase your deductible. This makes it less likely you’ll file small claims. Check your CLUE report for your claims and insurance history.

Poor Credit Score

Insurers use your credit score to access your stability and risk level. If you don’t maintain a decent credit score they may consider you too risky to insure.

It is your responsibility to maintain good credit. Request a free credit report here and improve your credit score for better rates and access to more products.

Dangerous Pets

Many insurers will not renew your policy if you own aggressive pet breeds or exotic pets as they are high liability risks.

A good insurance agent matches coverage to your needs so you never worry about non-renewal again. They can often find coverage for animals traditional insurers don’t cover.

Swimming Pool

If you decided to install a pool and didn’t tell your insurance company, they may decide not to renew your policy. They consider a pool an “attractive nuisance” as it draws others to your yard and increases the chance of an accident or injury.

Many insurers will cover your home when you have a pool, but it does cost more. They may also require particular safety features to validate the policy.


Insurers know trampolines can lead to expensive liability or medical bill claims and consider them too risky. Consequently, many insurance companies do not offer coverage. Seriously consider doing without the trampoline to avoid further insurance issues.

Fraudulent Behavior

If you lie on your application and the insurer discovers your deceit, they will not offer you a new policy. Be truthful when you apply for insurance.

What Can You Do?

First, discuss the issue with your agent. If they insurance company discontinued or excluded coverage in your area, they can probably find you a new policy.

They may also be able to tell you what particular issues triggered a non-renewal caused by your actions, make suggestions, and find new insurers based on your CLUE report.

If you have a mortgage, it’s important you attend the issue quickly. It’s typically your largest asset and you certainly can’t afford to leave it unprotected. Failure to carry insurance is a breach of your mortgage contract and if you don’t find coverage your lender probably will, at a much higher cost.

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