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    There is Auto Insurance…Homeowners Insurance…Business Insurance…and even Watercraft Insurance. However, what happens when you go big time (or become extremely skeptical of the planes flying over your house) and suddenly your buck teeth are worth $7.4 million, your taste buds need to be insured for $400,000, or you are abducted by aliens—people, let’s be serious though, we are on Mars…do you really think that the little green people won’t notice?! Point is there have been a few bizarre insurance policies taken out and we are taking the time to give you five of the weirdest ones and tell you what type of insurance you can use to secure your valuable assets.

1. Immaculate Conception!

If your name is Mary, then this for you! There are approximately 100 of these policies in place protecting women from getting pregnant…in the biblical way.

2. Mariah Carey’s Legs

She insured her legs for 1 billion dollars…need I say more?

3. Abduction, Impregnation, and Consumption By Aliens (Right now, 20,000 people pay for this in the United States)

I have only one thing to say, who collects the $10-20 million in the case of being consumed by aliens….?

4. Jennifer Lopez’s Derrière

One billion dollars…well, you know what they say about people who have too much money….

5. Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds

This is by far the most reasonable item—body part?—insured so far. Egon Ronay is a renowned food critic and he had insured his taste buds for $400,000.

Although we doubt you may become the next Virgin Mary, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a more practical but sometimes less common insurance for your jet skis, golf carts, lawn mowers, collectables, or valuable jewels—yes, that also includes the ones the aliens took. Just in case you want a little more coverage, an umbrella policy provides you with an additional $1 million of extra personal liability coverage.