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It seems that all too often, people complain about insurance. Insurance policies can be expensive, confusing, and difficult to navigate through. However, I am convinced that although insurance can be hard to understand, it is so much better than dating!  As a single woman in the insurance business, I truly wish dating was more like insurance and here is why:Flickr_-_Ion_Chibzii_-_-Findings-out_of_relations-_(youth_of_60th_years)

  1. You Know Your Relationship Status:
    When you buy an insurance policy, you know exactly where you stand and what your relationship status is with your agent or company.  Forget that awkward, “What are we?” or the “Do you see a future with me?” conversations.
  2. They cannot cancel for any Reason:
    Insurance companies are not permitted to cancel a policy without a good reason. If they do have a valid reason to cancel the policy, they must give the insured 10 to 30 days’ notice, depending on the circumstance.  A 10 to 30 day notice before cancelling…wouldn’t that be amazing?! That would mean that you wouldn’t  find out the week of your cousin’s wedding that you are dateless despite RSVP’ing for 2 and telling everyone about the cute new man in your life. Sigh.
  3. Ecrivains_consult_-_Texte_4_mainsEverything Is Always Clearly Defined:
    You know exactly what you are getting when you buy an insurance policy. It is a clear, transparent contract. You know what you owe them and what you are getting from them in return. Insurance companies write it all out in black in white. You know what your insurance allows and what it excludes. You don’t discover 4 weeks into your insurance that they have commitment issues. Sigh. (again)
  4. If A Loss Occurs, Your Insurance will pay you:  Insurance was created with the intention of helping people recover from accidents and losses. Your policy is a contract that promises that should a loss occur, the insurance company will help you recover from it.  This is very unlike dating where, unless things go well, there is usually a loss and you have to depend on yourself, ice cream and your friends to recover from it.  I might be speaking from experience here.
  5. You know Exactly What the Cost Is:   With insurance, you know how much you are paying ahead of time. No surprises. You don’t find out 6 months into your policy that your insurance company has an unemployed brother that needs to sleep on your couch and eat all of your food.  Big, deep, sigh. Huge sigh, in fact.4220418366_d9e2462966_o

So although Insurance can be confusing, it pales in comparison to the dating scene. So be relieved and rest assured that when it comes to insurance, we are always here to help you. Dating… well you are on your own!

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