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December Casual Fridays

Our casual Fridays for the Month of December were donated to Pastor George and his wife Pat Warren.  We were permitted to dress down on Fridays with a donation to this family, who are currently battling cancer and the pile of medical bills that comes along with this terrible disease.

new hope baptist churchGeorge is the Pastor at New Hope Baptist Church in North Scituate, RI. One of our commercial agents,  Micki Veerman, has been a member of his congregation for over 3 years and a very dear friend of the family for 2 years.

Pastor George’s wife, Pat, was diagnosed in August with Gallbladder and Liver Cancer. It was discovered when Pat was rushed in for emergency gallbladder surgery. Micki was devastated and wanted to do whatever she could to help, especially since the couple is currently raising their granddaughter Kierra.

It seemed appropriate that this woulnew hope baptist churchd be our cause for the Casual Friday’s in December. The agency matched the employees’ donations, and we are proud to be donating $680!

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