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From earthquakes to tornadoes to blizzards, the residents of Massachusetts have suffered every type of disaster. Although many areas are still repairing and seeking help, that doesn’t mean the community should give up. By working together and rebuilding, everyone can become united in hope and trust that things will be better in the future.

According to The Republican, the “Replanting Monson” Tree Committee wants to help residents who lost trees to the June 1st tornado. The committee will hold several events for residents, including a tree information seminar on February 2nd. This will help homeowners decide what kinds of trees to plant on their properties.

The committee will discuss overlooked tree varieties that might be appropriate for the home and street landscape, and will emphasize varieties available in the spring. Audra L. Staples, “Replanting Monson” Tree Committee chairwoman, said the seminar will likely be held at the high school.

The committee also is interested in hearing from the public about where trees should be replanted. “We’re hoping for a lot of participation from people whose property was directly impacted,” Staples said. She said the number of trees that were lost to the tornado is “just unfathomable.”

The group is working with nurseries to obtain trees, and hopes to be able to offer them at a low cost to property owners. Leslie A. Duthie, a committee member, said one of the problems with leaving open land is that it gives invasive species the opportunity to move in.

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