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Direct Car Insurance Vs. Independent Agent Policies

Why Choose Vanilla When You Can Have A Variety?


Personally, I always choose Vanilla. Whenever someone asks me, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” they look at me confused, and question why I enjoy such a boring flavor! Understandable. I too, wonder why I don’t live outside the box.

When it comes to insurance, step outside the box, and benefit from different options AKA tasting different flavors.

Direct Writers vs. Independent Agents

Throughout this blog, we’re going to mention ‘Direct Writers’. Direct Writers are insurance companies that sell direct car insurance to the consumer and do not have local agents or insurance companies that have captive agents, meaning their local agents only sell insurance through one company.  We will let the companies go nameless but if you have questions on who is a direct writer or a captive agent, just call us and ask.

Now that you know what a direct car insurance writer is, let me ask you… would you go to a restaurant that only had one item on the menu for you to eat? Would you go to an ice cream stand that only sold one flavor? Would you go to a hair stylist that only knew how to cut one hair style? Would you subscribe to a television service that only offered one channel? Ok… you  get the drift.

Direct Car Insurance Writers and captive insurance agents can only offer an insurance policy from one company. If you step foot into a captive agent’s office, they only have one policy to offer you. Yes, they may have options and add-ons to offer but they’re only specific to that company and they might not be able to tailor the best policy for you.   Not to mention if you do buy a policy through a captive agent or a direct writer, what happens if next year they have a 15% price increase or your insurance needs change and their policy isn’t right for you any more? For example, your child gets her license and your rate with the direct writer skyrockets, or you now have a work vehicle and the direct writer isn’t able to tailor your policy to reflect this.  What if your home is undergoing renovations and you need builders risk coverage but they do not offer this on your home insurance? What if you are starting your own business and want business insurance through the same company or agent that insures you personally but their business package is not budget friendly or the coverage falls short of that offered from other carriers?  For all of these reasons, its important to have an insurance agent that offers coverage through multiple insurance companies. They can offer you choices and switch your coverage to different companies when the need arises.

Independent agents, also known as Trusted Choice ® agents, offer more choices and will shop around using multiple companies in order to find the best insurance that suits your needs. Loiselle Insurance Agency, in particular, can quote with over 20 companies to show you the options when comparing price and coverage.  If your needs change down the road or your policy premiums increase for no reason, wouldn’t it be nice to have Choices along that road?Direct Car Insurance Verses Independent Agents We can often switch you to a different insurance company and save you time, money and aggravation.

Geographical location should be on your mind when determining if you should purchase insurance from a Direct Writer or and Independent Trusted Choice ® Agent. Independent agents often work with smaller mutual insurance companies that specialize in local regions of the country. They know where your home is, what your neighborhood is like, and they tailor policies accordingly.  Perhaps you live on the coast. Not every insurance company offers coastal home coverage. Trusted Choice ® agents understand the challenge of finding this coverage. Good news! Loiselle Insurance has numerous companies to quote you with and one will be able to provide the proper coverage.

Here’s another scenario, you love dogs. The bad news is, insurance companies don’t. Depending on the breed of your dog, some homeowner companies will not insure your home. An independent agent will be able to find a company that allows you to keep your four legged friend around, while adding the proper liability in case of dog bites.

We provide one-stop-shopping for all your insurance needs. Agents act as a liaison between the insurance company and the client so you need an agent that’s working for you, not the insurance company.  This allows you to sit back and relax!  Because we work closely with many different carriers, we can provide confidence and offer guidance when deciding on an insurance provider. Let us do the hard work for you… We’ll offer up all of the flavors (insurance choices), we’ll let you know which is the freshest and tastiest (provide guidance), and you get to pick your flavor (choose the policy that suits you best).  We will then make it our job to make sure you’re getting all the satisfaction you deserved from your choice and if not, or your tastes change, we can serve you up with a new flavor down the road.

Bottom line is insurance is very complicated. Who insures you matters! Direct Car Insurance limits your choices. Independent Agents do not! We realize you may not know all the answers, but we do. We are here to help and make the transition from a Direct Writer to an Trusted Choice ® Agent run smoothly.  Visit our website to fill out a quick online quote, or give us a call at (401) 827-8056. We would love to help!

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