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Rhode Island goes through vast changes in climate conditions from one season to the next, and homeowners need to cover all possibilities in their selection of home insurance RI. The summers tend to be hot and rainy, while the winters are freezing. These extreme changes in temperature may place extra stress on a home.

The more heating and cooling devices run, the greater the chances for a device malfunction to result in fire. Freezing temperatures sometimes cause water pipes to freeze and burst. Heavy snow on roofs can cause damage, and water leaks when the snow melts may cause some house flooding.

Homeowners insurance will generally offer coverage for damage to the home’s structure and contents arising from certain events and liability coverage for third party injuries incurred on the property under certain circumstances. However, a homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover all risks so it’s important to be aware of exclusions and if appropriate, seek additional coverage – for example, by purchasing flood insurance.

With such a diverse climate it’s also important to stay on top of home maintenance issues. Doing so can reduce the risk of weather related damage occurring and of course, it only wise to protect the value of your investment by keeping it in excellent condition and covered by the right level of home insurance RI.