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Driver Discounts Can Save You Money on Your Car Insurance Premiums

All these
years you’ve been a safe driver. You honor the speed limit and traffic signals,
wear a seatbelt, and avoid accidents and cell phone distractions. You’re the
ideal auto insurance customer. But does that mean you automatically get a safe
driver discount?

Truth is,
it’s up to you to ask the auto insurance company for a safe driver discount.
It’s worth the effort, because if you qualify, you could gain considerable
savings on your car insurance premiums. Let’s take a closer look at what
affects personal auto insurance premiums, how you can qualify for a safe driver
discount, and what your discount might be worth.

How You
Can Qualify for a Safe Driver Discount

auto insurance carriers review your motor vehicle record (MVR) for the state in
which you are licensed to determine your safe-driving status and corresponding
car insurance premiums. While carriers’ safe-driver discount eligibility
requirements vary, here are some steps you can take to enhance your chances of
getting a safe driver discount.

Get Certified: You should get certified as a safe driver. Completion of a defensive
driving program that’s approved by Rhode
Island and carrier may qualify you for a safe driver
discount. Be sure to send us a copy of the completion certificate.

Review Your MVR: If your quoted auto insurance has a much higher premium that you think
reasonable, review your MVR and correct any potential errors. You can usually
obtain your MVR online, or from your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or by
asking your auto insurance agent.

Understand What Affects Your MVR: In most states an MVR reflects violations we receive
in the course of driving a vehicle. It’s important to note that:

are generally classed as either moving or non-moving and they do not
necessarily affect your MVR the same.

if you don’t own the vehicle your record will be “charged” if you are driving
and there is a violation.

nature of the violation determines if you will receive “points” under your
state regulatory scheme. The more points you accumulate, the worse for your MVR
and the more you will pay for auto insurance.

Drive Safely: If
you accumulate more points on your MVR than the law allows, your license
becomes suspended pending your satisfaction of various state requirements. At
the same time, the more points you have, the higher your auto insurance premium
will be.

you’ll have fewer insurance carriers willing to cover you. So, by all means
drive safely to keep your points low!

Wait It Out: In most states violation points are removed
after three years. But remember that certain moving violations, such as
excessive speeding, may remain on your MVR for five or more years even though
the points have been removed. More serious moving violations, such as driving
under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving with a
suspended license, can also remain on your record and may result in your never
being eligible for a standard or preferred rate carrier in the future.

Is Your Discount Worth?

driver discounts vary among carriers but could range from 5% to 15% off your
car insurance premium. With some auto insurance carriers, one discount may
qualify you for additional discounts, reducing your annual car insurance
premiums by hundreds of dollars. Add to this the cumulative effect of years and
years of discounts, and you’ll find it definitely pays to be an attentive
driver and earn the safe driver discount. If you’re a preferred driver and want
to save even more, ask your carrier if taking a safe-driving course would help
further reduce your car insurance premium.

Driver Discount Help Is Here

a driver, you understand that obeying traffic laws and being attentive behind
the wheel are important for more than just your safety; they also can have a
long-term impact on your auto insurance premiums. As your independent insurance
agent, we specialize in getting the best coverage and most competitive rates
for our customers.

Contact us
today to find out if you qualify for a safe driver discount, as well as other
car insurance savings that come with your well-earned status as a safe driver.