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a Thanksgiving dinner where they're discussing the dangers of frying a turkeyCooking a Thanksgiving turkey is a holiday tradition in many households. However, how you decide to prepare your turkey is very important.

If you’re considering deep frying your bird this year, think again. Here are a few powerful reasons why using a turkey fryer isn’t a good decision.

The Design Doesn’t Make Sense

Basically, a turkey fryer is a tall pot. Since it does not have a broad base its design in unstable. Additionally, most turkey fryers sit on legs. Add the weight of a big turkey and gallons of oil and the fryer is even less stable.

The oil also needs to stay at an optimal temperature, otherwise it can ignite. Your turkey fryer and contents could also topple and seriously harm a person or pet.

You Need Safety Gear

You can’t just plop a big turkey into a pot of bubbling oil. You need a hook and rod to lower it into the pot slowly. You also need fire resistant clothing and a proper fire extinguisher nearby. Otherwise, you risk serious burns and a fire.

Fire Hazard

Deep fryer units in restaurants are in stainless steel cavities and protected from open flames for good reasons. Oil gets extremely hot and the juices from food spatter as the food cooks. When these juices contact an open flame they ignite.

You should operate a turkey fryer outdoors, however many people choose to place them close to their home to protect themselves from inclement weather. After all, November can include rain, wind, and even snow.

Unfortunately, many people also leave their turkey unattended since they’d rather be indoors with friends and family, which increases the chances of a fire.

They’re Hard To Clean

The oil in the unit must cool before you can empty the fryer. Then you must store the oil in metal cans or dispose of it safely. Finally, you must thoroughly clean the fryer or leftover oil with go rancid and ruin the fryer.

Faster Isn’t Always Better

Frying a turkey is quicker, but that doesn’t mean it creates a tastier, moister bird. Several studies compared frying turkey to other methods and concluded frying does not cook the bird evenly and it isn’t as moist as a turkey cooked by slower methods.

The classic method of roasting a turkey is still most favored. However, don’t overcook it or it will lead to a dry, flavorless main course. Plan your meal and follow the timetable and tips here for best results.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance

The U.S. Fire Administration reports 2.3 times more fires occur on Thanksgiving Day than any other during the year and cooking causes more than three-quarters of them. One reasonable precaution is ample homeowners’ insurance to protect you from the financial implications of fire damage.

If you haven’t reviewed your insurance coverage lately, it only takes a few minutes. Talk to your agent or broker and have a safe, enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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