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    Fire safety…it tells children not to play with matches, keeps us safe from injury, and prevents our houses from turning into a neighborhood s’mores campground. In 2011 alone nationwide, there were approximately 1,389,500 fires the outcomes of which were 3,005 fatalities, 17,500 injuries, and roughly $11,659,000,000.00 in property damages. This was the equivalent of a fire related death every 208 minutes and an injury every thirty minutes.
Virtually everything in houses can either be a starter or conductor of fire. Dryers, washing machines, ranges, fans, heating—central and space heaters—, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and cooking. The leading cause of fire resulting from dryers and washing machines are lack of cleaning. Short circuiting in household appliances and proximity in flammable objects to heaters are also the origin of most home-related fires. If smoking indoors, be sure to put it out! The safest way to do this would be to submerge the cigarette in water after usage so as to prevent sparks from rekindling—view more information on National Fire Protection Association.
Considering the recent electricity outages that have occurred in Rhode Island, candles have been a much sought out method of lighting and a source of much destruction in Rhode Island.
Here are a few tips to help prevent your home—and yourself—from being harmed:
1. Never put a candle near anything flammable
2. When you leave a room blow out the candle
3. Use sturdy candle holders
4. Keep pets and children away from lit candles
5. Never, ever, ever use a candle to search through a tight space, fueling equipment, or in a closet (we know your girlfriends said that dress was red hot, but let’s try not to alert the fire department).     

Instead, opt for a flashlight (be sure to keep extra batteries handy). These can range anywhere from $2.00 to $974.00…but unless it can cure world hunger, we would go for the two dollar one…

No matter the situation or type of fire, be smart, be safe, be Loiselle Insured.