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Spring in New England is usually a rainy mess. Driving in the rain can be cause for worry drivingtipsforrainand anxiety. Unfortunately, statistics back up those concerns with approximately 700,000 automobile accidents occurring yearly due to rain. Your experience behind the wheel does not have to be wrought with tension when you take into account the following tips for rainy days.

Stay Alert
If you commute the same roads routinely, your trip could become subconsciously habitual. When it rains, you need to stay extra alert and adjust your thinking. This includes focusing on the current road conditions and what may be going on around your vehicle.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel
Inclement weather, such as rain, can cause unexpected conditions like mudslides, downed wires, or falling trees. Keeping both hands on the wheel, and limiting distractions, allows you to maneuver your vehicle properly.

Rainy conditions can make it challenging to see the road properly. Turning on your headlights, whether it is day or night, can make it easier to prevent accidents. It can also allow you to see what you are encountering in front of your car. In  Rhode Island and Massachusetts, if you are using your windshield wipers  you must have your headlights on. To read more about this new law click here.

Allow Sufficient Space
Wet roadways can often become slick during rainy weather. To avoid accidents, you want to allow sufficient space in between the vehicle that is ahead of you. A good rule of thumb to follow is a minimum five vehicle length.

Slow Down
The traffic surrounding your car may need to stop unexpectedly. That is why it’s important to go the speed limit or lower on rainy days. This allows you plenty of time to stop to avoid an accident without sliding or skidding.

Avoid Flooded Roadways
Flooded roads and standing water may occur during heavy rains. Avoiding these hazards can prevent your engine from stalling. It can also keep you and your vehicle from being carried away by rushing waters.

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