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It seems like
kids are hard-wired to get hungry and more demanding as soon as the car starts.
While driving across town or across the country, if you’re not hearing cries of
“I’m hungry,” more than likely it’s “I’m bored.”

But in that
second it takes to reach to the passenger seat for the pacifier-du jour you
could find yourself in the back seat of the car in front of you, with a
rear-end accident, possible injuries and potential auto insurance claims.

While it’s
tempting to want to placate children immediately, it’s important for drivers to
remember that their primary responsibility is to pay attention to the road to
make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.


Here are some
safety tips to help keep your next trip with small children accident free.

your mind on the road and off the snacks by making sure the kids have what they
need before you hit the road.

may find it helpful to keep a bag packed with snacks, activities or toys in the
back seat that your child can reach easily, especially if you’re going on a
long trip. Change items out frequently so they don’t get bored with the

your child is very little there are products on the market that allow you to
attach toys and snack cups to the car seat to keep them at hand. However, if
food is a choking hazard for your little one at home, don’t give it to them in
the car.

Train the

your children for proper automobile behavior is also key for avoiding highway
hassles – and potential auto insurance claims. Making sure they have snacks and
books before you hit the road is a start. The second part of the equation is to
let them know that if they drop it, it’s gone for good. Period.

a final check-in with everyone before you take off to make sure that they have
what they need: music, snacks, activities. Then remind your children that once
you hit the road, they’re on their own.

focused: cell phones and electronics only complicate the issue even further.
Turn handheld devices off or leave them in the trunk to avoid the temptation to
answer a call.

the backseat erupts into chaos, keep yourself calm and your eyes on the road.
If you’re unable to diffuse the situation safely or unable to ignore it, pull
over at your first opportunity.

you must pull over, make sure you pull over in a safe place. The side of the
freeway is not the place to calm a child and is something law enforcement
officers frown upon.

Your Brain

is part of the human condition to want to sooth a child in distress, and
parents are especially in tune with satisfying kids’ every need. Remind
yourself that your job in the car, first and foremost, is to arrive safely at
your destination.

children respond to adult’s reactions. Once you retrain yourself not to react,
your kids will do the same. If you can remain calm and firm, your kids will
eventually learn to accept that they are not going to get their way the minute
they make a request. They may not be happy when you get where you’re going, but
at least they’ll be in one piece.

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