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Imagine yourself relaxing in a restaurant that has a moody aura about it, yet still managing to be playful and upbeat–Downtown meets Upper Eastside, if you will. Mahogany colored wood surrounds you, the tables…the chairs…the floors…and as a delicate accentuation, oxblood colored napkins rest upon each table. You have a drink in your hand, and are talking with your friends.


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The owner—Sammy—walks to your table and strikes up a conversation; you suddenly find yourself laughing until your belly hurts. The only thing that is missing? Food. Wait, something is weaving its way in between the tables to you. It is a mere three feet away, yet you can sense the mouth watering smell and already you know it is your specialty—Fish and Chips—you know that you could probably get it anywhere else, but nobody else knows how to make it with the precision and artistic quality—that can only be described as the epitome of perfection—like Sammy does.

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Are you wishing you were there yet? That’s just one hundredth of a fraction of a reason why KitchenBAR—a modernly quaint and comfy restaurant located on the Eastside of Providence—is Loiselle Insurance Agency’s featured partner of the month. So much so that they were featured on the show Table For Seven on channel 10.  This low key setting serves upscale comfort food with a twist.


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By now, you’re probably thinking that you might have to exchange your arm for a taste of that deliciously mouthwatering pizza, well, this is not so. You need only to give a finger…or $12 to $16, whichever is more convenient… (Please choose the money option…). The food will just about have you standing on top of a table saying bon appétit (please don’t do this, and if you can’t restrain yourself from doing so, please don’t tell anybody that you got that idea from this post…).

    The KitchenBar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is available for Dine-In or Takeout. You can find the full menu in pdf form on their website. Be sure to visit our partner’s page for a ten percent off coupon for any meal from KitchenBAR!