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a sign that says 'hope for the best but plan for the worst"No one wants to dwell on the worst things that can happen. It’s better to expect the best, but plan for the worst.

Here are just a few of the ways insurance can protect you from events you might not expect. Remember, every policy differs so it is  important to understand your coverage and policy limitations.

Mandatory Upgrades

It’s not unusual for a municipality to pass new ordinances or laws regulating buildings. Consequently, you may face unexpected expenses to improve your property so it meets code. Your policy may provide “ordinance coverage” to help you cope with the costs.

Dog Bites

Fido is usually a well-mannered dog, but suddenly decides to bite the mailman. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence. About one-third of all homeowner’s claims are for dog bites.

Fortunately, your homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or renters insurance provides liability coverage and sometimes medical coverage for the injured party.

Spoiled Food

The power goes out and all the food in your freezer spoils. Luckily, many policies offer up to $500 coverage for accidental loss of refrigerated goods. However, they won’t cover you if your refrigerator bites the dust.

Vehicular Animal Damage

It may seem unlikely, but auto claims involving animals happens more often than you might think. Mice, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and other animals may decide to take up residence in your parked vehicle at an airport, near a farm, or smack dab in the middle of the city. They can chew wires, upholstery, and papers and soil the vehicle too.

Look for “other than collision” coverage in your policy to ensure you’re protected from these sometimes pesky varmints.

Falling Objects

Most people would never dream that harm could come from above. However, falling airplane parts, ice and space debris do cause damage. Luckily, “falling objects” are covered under most homeowners, auto and life insurance policies.

Pothole Damage

You’re driving along minding your own business and then BAM! You hit a crater-sized pothole – an all too common scenario here in Rhode Island. It does considerable damage to your vehicle and you think you’ll end up paying for the damage.

Lucky for you, most auto insurers consider hitting a pothole a collision. File a claim and get back on the less-than-perfect road quickly.

Garden Items

Most homeowner’s policies extend coverage throughout your property. While the policy will limit the amount of the claim, it usually covers items in your backyard, garden, or garage.

You can also file a claim on structures such as a garage, tool shed, driveway, swimming pool, gazebo, or fence. These are listed as “other structures” in your policy.

Trees, Plants & Shrubs

A crazy driver skids off the road, across your lawn and into your front flower bed. Luckily, accidental damage to trees, plants and shrubs in your yard is usually covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

The Insurance Information Institute suggests most policies offer up to $500 per item, providing they are disease free and well-maintained.

Dorm Room Robbery

Your young adult is living in a dorm and attending college full-time. Their room’s robbed and you figure you’ll pay out-of-pocket.

Luckily, you can probably file a claim under your off-premises personal property coverage. Coverage depends on the type of homeowner’s insurance policy you purchase and the limits within the policy.

Our team will be happy to explain your coverage and policy limitations in simple terms. Let us help you plan for the worst so you can focus on the good things.

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