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Fall is my favorite time of year! Why? Football is on, leaves are changing, there are apples to pick, pumpkins to carve, soups to make, and the best part is – the weather is absolutely beautiful and comfortable!

Many people enjoy getting in their cars to go “leaf peeping”, as the foliage here in New England can be breathtaking. However, while you are driving during these fall months, we want you to keep a few safety tips in mind.

Leaf Hazardsautumleaves
As the leaves begin to fall, they can accumulate on roadways, particularly side roads. Leaves can also cover pot holes and other important markings on the road, such as double yellow lines, so it is important to pay attention in order to avoid an unexpected mishap. Also, when it rains during the fall months, the rain can mix with fallen leaves, creating very slick road conditions (similar to black ice or snow on roads).

Since the days are getting shorter, people are often walking their dogs at dusk or dawn or getting in their morning or evening jog while it is dark outside. The mornings during the fall months also tend to be quite foggy. We all need to be extra alert and on the lookout for pedestrians who might be difficult to see in or near the roadways.

Animals are also more active during the fall months because they are in search for food. If you aren’t careful, damages to your car sustained when colliding with an animal can cost you a lot of money if you don’t have the proper auto insurance. (What would a blog post be if I didn’t reference insurance?!) Believe it or not, the average cost per claim for damage to your car from a deer collision is $3,888! If you are unsure if your policy covers deer collision or damage from any other animal, call us! We would be more than happy to go over your policy with you before a deer is sitting in your passenger seat and it’s too late!

So whether or not you decide to take a drive to see the foliage, we hope you enjoy these fall months as much as we do, while remembering to be cautious on the roads. After all, before you know it, snow will be falling instead of leaves!

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