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Summer is quickly coming to a close as parents are bringing their kids to soccer practice and stores are selling Thanksgiving decorations already.  It’s the perfect time to get some things done around the house before winter sneaks up on us just as quickly.  With the way Mother Nature has been packing her punch lately, it is worth taking advantage of the nice weather before she throws a good old winter storm our way.

First, take a walk around the outside of your home.  Look for small repairs that need to be done and get them off your plate first.  Clean up your kids’ summer outdoor toys and donate the ones they no longer play with.  Store the rest of them in a safe place for the winter.  Do the same for your patio furniture and BBQ grill.  Remove the propane tank and store it in a safe spot.  Unless, of course you plan on using the BBQ during the winter.  In that case, make sure it will be in a spot that can be easily accessible in the snow.

Grab a ladder and check in the gutters.  Clear them of all debris and leaves so that rain water can properly drain away from your house.  If there is no proper drainage, you risk flooding your lower levels if the water pools up by the foundation.  Also, winter snow can accumulate on the roof and have nowhere to go when it melts.  You could have sheets of ice to worry about falling off the roof or weighing it down too much.

Taking care of repairs and cleaning up your home should be a fall project every year.  One Sunday, grab your family before the big football game and make a morning of it.  You can all relax afterwards knowing that your home is clean, safe and secure.