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After an accident, you may be worried about your car and how you will pay for the damages.  Will my car insurance cover it all?  Will it be totaled?  How will I get to work?  If I can’t work, how will I pay the bills?  … It’s a never ending cycle of thoughts. If you don’t address them, it can really bring you down.

It is not uncommon to have feelings of remorse or depression after a car accident.  Even if you were not injured, you still may have some unresolved thoughts and concerns about why the accident happened and what you could have done to prevent it.  The problem is all those thoughts can lead to post traumatic stress if you don’t do something about them now.

It can be much worse if there are physical injuries involved with your car accident as well.  You may need to have some physical therapy to fix torn ligaments or help you get back on your feet.  If you have physical restrictions, you can feel even more depressed.  Make sure you take care of yourself both physically and mentally in order to get back into the swing of things.

The injuries do not have had to happen to you either.  If your loved one or even a complete stranger was injured in an accident you were involved in, you could still have the same depressed feelings of remorse.  No matter what happened, it is important for you to seek help if you are feeling down after you are in a car accident.

The best possible cure for accidents is to avoid them at all costs.  Unfortunately, people are people and accidents do happen from time to time.  When they do, make sure you follow all the right steps like exchanging insurance information, calling the police and seeking medical help if you are injured either physically or mentally – or both.