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Depending on the type of business you own, you may need different types of insurance to make sure you are covered for all that could possibly go wrong. Standard business insurance policies cover a lot of the things most businesses come across. But your business is unique. It has a lot of aspects that are not like other businesses. That’s what sets you apart and proves your success. Therefore, you will need to have a business insurance policy that reflects your business exactly.

Talking with an insurance agent that will listen to your needs and understand the way your business operates is important. Explaining your every day functions as well as the amount of other businesses you deal with can help get you the right business insurance coverage to fit your business’s needs.

For example, two bakers both open at 6:00 every morning, close at 3:00 and sell bread. On paper, these two bakers look very similar and may purchase the same type of business insurance. However, upon further review by a thorough insurance agent, it is apparent that the first baker not only sells bread at the shop but he delivers it across town. The second baker also runs an online business where his bread is shipped across the country. These two businesses are much different than they look at first glance.

When you are applying for your business insurance, always be sure to give the specifics to your agent. It will make it much easier to tailor fit your insurance to fit your business. If you do not have any commercial vehicles, you may not need to have a commercial auto policy. If your business relies on other businesses in order to keep going, you may want to find out about contingent business interruption coverage. Whatever your business may be, call us to find out how to insure it properly.


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