buyingonlineIn the midst of your busy everyday life, buying insurance online may seem like the fastest option. However, not dealing with an insurance agent can be a big mistake. Proper insurance coverage is essential for helping you protect what matters most, while settling for any ordinary generic policy could cost you in the future. Finding the best insurance agent for your needs should be step number one in your insurance shopping process.  The best insurance agent will have access to a wide array of policies, ranging from very basic to the most sophisticated.

A Trusted Choice insurance agent, like Loiselle Insurance Agency in Pawtucket Rhode Island,  can provide you with insight on different types of insurance and can make sure that you fully understand all of your options. Buying online can be confusing; you may not know what you’re actually buying and you may need additional coverage you did not consider at first. There are a multitude of options for most types of insurance, and every customer has different needs.

When you call or sit down with Loiselle Insurance Agency, in our humble opinion the best insurance agent in RI (wink wink), we have the chance to get to know you, which allows us to better gauge what your insurance needs are. At Loiselle Insurance, we represent over 20 insurance companies, so we are able to match you with the right company and policy that matches your needs and budget. We’re also able to offer you discounts that an online provider may not be able to offer.

Buying insurance online might seem simple and easy but for most people it is too basic to really cover their needs and to properly address any of their questions or concerns.  An online provider may not be able to give you coverage advice or answer coverage questions. Can an online tool or online sales rep located overseas or in an out of state call center really tell you about the steps necessary in registering a vehicle in RI or about the RI lead law and how it affects landlords renting a multifamily home? Its doubtful.  An online insurance agent will not ask you if you have any life changes coming up.  Are you getting married? getting divorced? have a child getting a drivers license? have a child moving away to college? planning on buying an investment property? inheriting a property? renovating your home?  You get the point. No online insurance rep or price tool ever asks these questions. We do!

When you choose a Loiselle agent over buying online, you know exactly who is handling your insurance and that they are trusted advisors looking out for all of your best interests. You have one person that you can call when you have a question, and you receive individualized help when it comes to filing a claim.  Whether you call Loiselle Insurance, the best insurance agent in Rhode Island, or another agent… just make sure you have an Agent!  No online tool can replace the professional personalized service you will get from a local agent.

Author: Brenda Loiselle-DuClos, Vice President of Loiselle Insurance

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