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Teaching your kids about fire safety can be an interesting experience for you both. It may seem like a scary thing to discuss because kids tend to get nervous when it comes to possible fires in places they feel safe. But knowledge is really the best defense against fear. If your child’s school participates in National Fire Prevention Week (which was October 6-12) they may have learned all about what to do in case of a fire and how to stop, drop and roll. But even if they learned about fire safety at school, it is always important to reinforce it at home as well.

Make learning about fire safety a fun exercise for your kids by turning it into a game. Try making a game show setting with pretend buzzers and prizes to see what they know. Ask questions like, “How often should you test your smoke alarms?” or “What number do you call in case there is a fire emergency?”

To practice fire drills, you can turn your house into an obstacle course for your kids to maneuver through. Pretend there is smoke lingering overhead and have them crawl through the obstacles to get to safety. Involve your neighbors in your teaching game so that your kids will know where to go in case of emergency.

Also, talk with your local fire department and ask if you and your family could come visit some of the fireman. It always helps when kids can recognize a familiar face during scary times.

Scary topics like fires can be tough to teach without bringing fear into the conversation. But if you can do it in a fun and cheerful way, your kids may not be all that scared if/when a fire were to happen in your home. Keep everyone informed!