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Clothes dryers are a leading cause of house fires, and one of the main things that cause fires in dryers is failure to clean lint filters. There are numerous things homeowners may do to reduce the risk of fire in their home, and avoid having to file a claim on their home insurance RI.

Having your dryer installed by a professional and making sure the air exhaust vent pipe is unobstructed are two common ways to reduce the risk of dryer fires. Gas dryers should be professionally inspected to make sure the gas line and connection are intact and free from leaks. Use the right kind of outlet and plug to prevent accidents, and do not overload a dryer.

Electrical safety is another necessary precaution to reduce the risk of house fires. It is important to replace lose electrical cords and to make sure you child proof all outlets if you have children or if children visit your home. Place lamps on an uncluttered surface and away from combustible items, and use a light bulb with the level of coverage recommended by the agent.  

Fire can lead to costly damage and loss for any home. Contact your home insurance RI agent for information on getting a policy that provides suitable coverage for loss resulting from fire.