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Are you aware of the current Rhode Island laws regarding the ownership and use of fireworks?  Within the last few years, the state has made it OK for you to purchase some fireworks such as sparklers and other non-aerial/loud ones.  Anything that shoots up into the sky or makes any type of bang is still illegal.  So if you want to have a few sparklers or spinning tops on the ground at your next barbeque you will be within the law.  However, before you go lighting them off, check your insurance policies to make sure you will be covered if something were to go wrong.

Not only do you need to worry about your health insurance in the event you burn yourself, you will want to be sure you have liability coverage for any damage those fireworks may do or any injuries they may cause to other people.  In typical claims involving fire, your homeowner’s insurance would cover the claim.  But when fireworks are involved it sometimes gets a little tricky.

First you will need to verify that the fireworks you were using were in fact legal.  A lot of people are surprised to find out that the fireworks they possess do not fall into the legal category.  Bottle rockets might seem relatively harmless, but they are not legal in Rhode Island.  If you are using illegal fireworks, your homeowner’s insurance will definitely not cover any claims.

Your best bet is to call your insurance agent and see what is covered and what is not before going out to buy fireworks.  You will want to be as safe as possible when using them and know what type of coverage you have if something happened when you least expect it.  You do not want those few snaps and bangs to end up costing you much much more in the long run.