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Fish Tank Insurance

I began my spring cleaning this weekend and the first step in my process was cleaning out my fish tank.  Being the insurance geek that I am, this got me thinking people might have fish tank insurance questions. Thy might want to know if their home insurance or renters insurance covers fish tank breakage, water damage from the tank, or worse… the loss of their beloved fish.  Having a fish tank can be awesome. Watching those fish swim around can be the most calming aspect of your day sometimes, but when something goes wrong with that fish tank, you will probably be anything but calm. Have no fear, your home insurance might be able to calm you down! 🙂

There are a few different things that you might be referring to when it comes to fish tank damage: the tank itself, the fish, and water damage from leakage, etc. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover some of the issues, but not all. It is important to find out before you take the plunge (pun intended) into fish tank ownership. You want to be sure you have the coverage you think you have before anything goes wrong.

Most homeowners and renters insurance policies cover the damage caused by broken fish tanks but the tanks themselves may be another story. Excessive water damage can occur very easily if a tank breaks or leaks. The water may damage your floors, ceilings (if the water seeps through the floor to a lower level), furniture, and other belongings near the tank. Usually the damage caused by the water is covered by home insurance. Of course not every policy is the same so its best to check with your insurance agent to be absolutely sure of your coverage.

Before you get too excited, lets take a look at what’s NOT covered by your home or renters insurance in regards to your fish tank.  Unfortunately, your beloved Nemo the clown fish (or any other living creatures in your tank) are not covered by your insurance. They are considered livestock and, just like any other pet in your home, they are not covered if they pass away in the accident.  The damage to the fish tank itself may or may not be covered. It really depends on what causes the damage. For example, if burglars break into your home and decide to smash the tank, then the tank is covered. However, if your 20 year tank is slowly falling apart at the seams or you somehow knock it off the shelf when you’re doing the rest of your spring cleaning, then the damage to the fish tank is not covered.  Keep in mind your home insurance deductible would also apply in the event of damage to the tank. Once your deductible is met, your insurance company would pay the balance of the damage if it’s a covered claim.

The most important thing you can do is to read your policy. If you are still not clear on what type of coverage you have for your fish tank insurance, please call us. We can help you better understand what is covered and what is not for your swimming pets.

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