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Many people confuse coverage for water damage with flood coverage. So, watch as Brenda Loiselle-DuClos & Lisa DeOliveira explain this week’s frequently asked question, “Do I have flood coverage on my homeowners policy?”

Flood Coverage is excluded from all homeowners policies, regardless of insurance company. If your home is located in a flood zone, you have to purchase a separate flood policy to protect your home. To learn more about this type of insurance, click here to visit our previous blog about it.

2593473985_54cbc86b3c_oHow does insurance define a flood?

However, in order to understand what type of water damage is covered under your homeowners policy, you have to first understand how insurance companies define a flood. If the water damage is caused by a defined flood, then the coverage can only be obtained by a flood insurance policy.

Insurance companies define a flood as:
A) Overflow of inland or tidal waters
B) Unusual or rapid accumulation of surface waters from any source (i.e. ground water coming into your home)

In addition, in order to qualify as a flood, the water must be affecting more than one home in your area.

imgresSo, does my homeowners policy exclude all water damage?

No, it definitely depends on the situation and whether or not the incident that occurred meets the definition of a flood. Typically, if the damage is caused by water that is already in your home, such as damage from a pipe that bursts or an overflowing sink, then the loss will probably be covered under your homeowners policy.


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