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Every business has their own types of risks and as a result their owliabilityfuneralhomesn specific insurance needs. Funeral Homes are no exception to the rule. In fact, due to the complicated nature of the business, we have written a few blogs on the topic. In the past few weeks we have reviewed, “What Funeral Home Owners should know about Property Insurance” and “What Funeral Home Owners Should Know about insuring their Commercial Vehicles”; (To view those blogs click on the topic). We would like to follow this series up with a final type of insurance that Funeral Home Director’s should be aware of: Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance can be confusing to understand; it basically offers you protection from being sued if someone alleges that you caused bodily injury to them or their property.  For example, if one of your employees does not properly clean up a water spill and a mourner falls and is injured, general liability insurance would protect your business.  Funeral Directors Liability Insurance would cover their medical bills and any other expenses that occurred as the result of their bodily injury.

Funeral Directors general liability coverage not only applies to injuries that occur at your physical location, but it also applys to property damage or injuries caused by you while away from your location, as it relates to conducting your business.  Your liability policy would protect you against damage you may inflict on someone else’s property. Perhaps you arrive at a church and damage their building while carrying in a coffin or you set up AV equipment in the church that somehow sparks a fire.  Funeral Directors liability coverage would pay to repair any property damage that you may have caused at the church.

Yfuneralhomeliabilityour customer, Mrs. Miller’s last wish was to be buried next to her husband. However, your staff accidentally cremates her. Obviously the Miller family will be very upset and should be compensated for the mistake. Why risk being sued for the mistake, when insurance can offer you protection. That is when having Funeral directors professional liability insurance becomes very important. Personal Liability insurance protects you from being sued when your business makes a professional mistakes that can cause a financial or loss to someone else. So rather than hire a lawyer and go to court to settle the matter, the family will be paid their damages by the insurance company. Everything is handled for you and you can relax knowing you are protected.

Employment practices liability insurance is also another suggested addition to protect your business.
This type of insurance protects you from lawsuits from employees who feel that they have been wronged by your business. This includes wrongful termination suits or administration of benefits.  So imagine you fire Fredrick because he is the person responsible for Mrs. Miller’s wrongful cremation.  Fredrick feels that it was not his fault, so he decides to sue your funeral home because he claims that he did nothing wrong and you actually fired him because of his age or race instead. Employment Practices Liability will protect you.

We know that properly insuring your business can be very confusing. Since no two funeral homes provide exactly the same services, your needs might be entirely different from the funeral home in the next town. That is why we customize the policies to meet your specific needs. Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. We are always here to help.

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