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Why can’t anything be easy?! We realize life is very stressful and you deserve to have some things simplified! Since it’s Summertime, we thought you might enjoy some tips for around the garden and for those summer barbeques. These tips we’re about to show you, are called Life Hacks. If you don’t already know, a life hack is “a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.” Say hello GENIUS!

Once you utilize these hacks, you will be sure to make others jealous of your creative tricks! Woooh Hooo!


vinegar ice cubesDid you spend too much time in the sun and now look like a lobster? Fill an ice cube tray with vinegar, freeze, then rub the ice cubes onto the affected area. Instant relief! Vinegar is said to reduce the redness associated with sunburns!

Don’t put the vinegar away just yet. Got a bug bite? Dab a cotton ball in vinegar and hold it over the bite. The vinegar will immediately diminish the itching and swelling.  Orajel works too.



Corn Meal

If you’ve got ants and you’re looking for a natural form of pest control, try measuring out a cup of popcorn kernels.  Put them in a blender, on high speed, and you’ll end up with a batch of fresh, homemade cornmeal.  Just make a few piles around the ant trails and within a few days, your ant problems will literally disappear.

Ever notice the straw will never, ever, ever stay in the can? It always wants to float out! Well, take the tab and fold it over the opening. Place your straw through the tab (see picture to left). The straw will literally stay in place!


Cupcake pan


Ever notice at a BBQ that the condiments take up half the table? Or how long it takes for people to use them and move on down the line? Who knew a muffin pan could solve all the problems at your next backyard gathering! Fill the pan will your favorite condiments. This will allow guests easy access and the line to move quickly. The best part is there’s less to clean up afterwards!


Chip Bowl
Setting up for your backyard bash and have no bowl for that bag of chips? No problem! All you need is the bag in which the chips came in! Behold an instant bowl! Open the bag of your favorite chips; roll the bag from the bottom, while pushing the chips upwards towards the opening. Prepare to be amazed!




If your green thumb is in full effect but you forgot to buy stakes to label what you’ve planted, make use of some rocks laying around.  Paint them! You can include a picture of what you rooted, or if you planted Strawberries, write Strawberries on the rock. Voila! No need to play the guessing game!


Irrigation System



Looking for an easier way to keep your plantings watered?  Poke holes in the plastic bottles, place them in the soil and add water to make a homemade irrigation system allowing water to spread into the soil.


Egg Shell


Who would have thought those leftover egg shells could be used to start a seedling?! This pic says it all… no explanation needed.


Ice Cream Cone


Ice cream cones work just as well! When they are ready to be planted, no problem! The cone is biodegradable so just place it directly into the soil and watch it grow!



Water Jug
Are you looking for a faster way to water just a few plants and don’t want the hassle of unraveling your entire garden house?  Instead, poke some holes in the cap of a gallon milk jug, and you now have a watering can in minutes!




Water Plants While Away

Going away for the weekend but don’t want your flowers to die? Here’s a tip! Fill a glass to the rim with water and get some toilet paper or paper towels. Allow one end of your preferred paper product into the glass and the rest strung around the plants. You’ve got an instant irrigation system!


HydrangeasI had no idea what Alum even was before I saw this! Absolutely incredible! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and unfortunately once you cut them and bring them inside, they never last very long. Until now! Once you cut them, they grow a ‘sticky substance’ around the stem, which makes a seal so water cannot penetrate. Before placing the stem in the water, submerge half way up the stem in Alum. This will prevent the ‘sticky substance’ from growing. This will allow the hydrangea to get the proper amount of water to survive longer! Magic!


7up Clorox

Since cut flowers are separated from their roots, they no longer produce their own food. They need sugar, which can be found in 7-Up or Sprite. Adding sugar to water will keep the flowers fresh, but also causes bacterial growth. Use a three-to-one ratio of water to soda, along with a few drops of bleach to kill the bacteria. The bleach will kill the bacteria without damaging the flowers so long as you only use a few drops.


If you are as excited about these gardening and summer life hacks as we are, then we know you are going to be trying all of them. Let us know how they work for you or share some other hacks with us.

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