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Is there any coverage on my homeowners insurance RI if I get hurt on my own property?

You might be surprised to learn that we hear this question quite often. Unfortunately, if you are hurt on your own property, your homeowners insurance will not pay for your medical bills.

People easily get confused about this because included on all homeowner’s insurance policies is “medical payments coverage”. However, when you read the515906_d7e2bd4efe0b4885f053c6e65ec4593f_large fine print, the coverage is actually “medical payments to others” coverage. This coverage only applies when someone else gets hurt while on your property. You do not have to be liable for medical payments to others coverage to apply, but it will never pay for injuries to you, the homeowner. For example, if your friend is visiting and sprains her ankle while in your yard, your medical payments coverage would pay for her medical bills, even if you were not negligent in any way.

Unfortunately, as we previously stated, there is no coverage under a homeowners insurance RI policy that would provide coverage for you or any family members who live with you, if you are injured at home. For instance, if you decide to help your spouse with some home renovations and he accidentally cuts off your fingers with a saw (true story as told by one of our clients!), you will have to turn to your health insurance for medical coverage, not your homeowners insurance.

We realize mistakes happen, accidents occur, and sometimes we are just plain clumsy! Should you sustain injuries while on your property or at someone else’s and you are unsure whose insurance (if anyone’s) is responsible, give us a call at (401) 723-8510 and we can guide you in the right direction! In the meantime, you can find some helpful information on our website.

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