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Are you dedicated to the well being and happiness of your customers? As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your community is satisfied with your products. In addition, by showing them you can remain stable, they will keep coming back for more. Therefore, have the right coverage in place to avoid financial devastation.

According to the news station ABC6, a Rhode Island teen who is allergic to nuts is asking state lawmakers to require restaurants to do more to help customers with food allergies. If action is taken, legislation would require restaurants to post allergy awareness posters in staff areas, give allergy training to at least one employee, and write language on menus asking customers to report food allergies when placing their orders. Senator Louis DiPalma says the proposal will help restaurants know how to safely serve customers with food allergies.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we believe if this law is passed, it will have a major affect on restaurant businesses. The satisfaction and safety of your customers is priority when it comes to the services you offer. In addition, if a mistake or accident occurs, you need to take the correct steps to fix the problem. In order to protect your company from the unpredictable, rely on our business insurance RI loves!

You can rely on our services for guidance and expertise in protecting your business from the unique risks you face. We offer a variety of options that will keep all aspects of your company safe, including commercial property, general liability, RI workers compensation, and much more. So rather than waiting for your investment to turn sour, keep everything in working order with the security of our business insurance in RI!