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You may have heard that some car insurance companies offer
discounts to auto club members, but did you know your alma mater and other
groups you belong to might be able to save you some money on your premiums as

That’s right,
those membership dues you’ve been paying may earn you more than just the
monthly newsletter – you might be able qualify for some real savings on your
auto insurance with a member-association discount.

What’s a
Member-Association Discount?

As a value-added benefit, most group organizations negotiate
deals in order to offer their members discounts on things like hotels, rental
cars and sporting events. But many also offer their discounted rates on car
insurance to members.

How? These
organizations leverage the buying power of their combined members to secure
discounted rates with select companies. Some organizations may have agreements
in place with several insurance carriers, while others may offer a
membership-association discount with just one company.

So, whether
you’re shopping for a new policy or reviewing your old one, it’s worth asking
if you qualify for a membership-association discount.

Where Do I

If you’re shopping for car insurance, a good place to find
out about membership-association discounts is with the organization itself.
Check their website or handbook to find out if they are affiliated with a
particular car insurance company. If the information isn’t readily available,
it’s worth a call to find out if there is a hidden benefit.

Do the math:
It might even be worth joining an organization to take advantage of their
membership-association discount if the potential savings on your auto insurance
policy offsets the cost of their annual fee.

If you
currently have car insurance, ask your independent insurance agent about
whether your particular organization offers member-association discounts. Below
is a list of some organizations that may offer this benefit:

organizations and honor societies


and dental associations

associations (national and state organizations)

Credit unions and financial organizations

Bar associations

Warehouse wholesalers


Club and Military Auto Insurance Discounts

If you’re a member of the military, most
companies offer a discount off the total insurance premium for anyone who’s on
active military duty, retired from the military, or a member of the National
Guard or reserves.

clubs usually offer membership-association discounts as well. In addition,
these organizations often offer free towing, which can provide further savings
on your premium by allowing you to drop the towing coverage.

Savings Can Add Up

The amount of the discount varies according
to insurance company and the organization, and of course your driving record
and other factors will be considered. But on average, the savings can range
from as little as 3 percent to as much as 20 percent, so it’s worth telling
your insurance agent about organizations you are affiliated with if you

sure to ask your agent if the membership-association discount applies to your
auto insurance policy as a whole or to only a specific portion of the premium,
such as the cost of liability coverage. This will affect your overall savings.

Pays to Ask If Your Organization Qualifies

Why pay more than you need to for car
insurance? It costs nothing to inquire about a membership-association discount,
but it could pay you back with a savings of up to 20 percent on your auto
insurance premium just for making the call.

Call your
independent insurance agent today (just a hint, look at the top of this page to
find the best one) to see if you qualify for a membership-association discount!