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Ever since I was little, I have had the travel bug.  Especially now that the weather is warming up, I find it very difficult to sit still on the weekends. Being a spontaneous person, I do not do a lot of planning for my adventures. As a result, I have gotten myself into some very ridiculous situations. One of these adventures involves running out of gas. Running out of gas can be a major inconvenience. It can leave you stranded for several hours. You need to know what to do to prevent the situation from becoming worse. You should do a few things in order to handle running out of gasoline in the correct way.

Find A Safe Place for You and Your Car460375914_62eeb623f0_o

The very first thing you should do is find a safe place for yourself and your car. Both you and your vehicle could be in this location for several hours. If you are in an urban area or near stores, then try to get the vehicle into a legal parking space. If you are in a rural area, then try to move as far off the road as possible without getting the car stuck. Be careful not to trespass on private property. Push the car to a safe place if necessary.

Try To Call For Help

Immediately get on your cell phone and call your insurer or friends for help. If no one is available, then call directory service to get the number and address for the closest service station. If you are far from anything, then schedule a tow truck. Conserve the battery by turning the phone off when it is not in use. If your phone stops working or you cannot get in touch with anyone, then you will need to take other action.

Walk To A Nearby Service Station If It Is Safe

If all else fails, then you might need to walk to the nearest service station. Do this only if you know where you are going, and the conditions are safe. Lock your car before leaving and put a note in the window listing your destination, name, and phone number. Make it clear in the note that the car is out of gas and not abandoned. Reaching a service station or even a friendly storefront will solve the problem.

Luckily for me, it was a short walk to the station. So be smart and be careful out there!

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