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If you have ever gotten into a car accident or experienced damage to your home from fire, theft, wind, etc… chances are you have had to file an insurance claim. Your agent or the insurance company will ask you what happened, what was damaged, and how the loss or damages came to be.  They may ask you to fill out a written claim form or they may take a verbal statement from you over the phone.  Sometimes you can’t quite figure out how to explain what happened or you’re still in a really bad mood about the whole situation and you just end up saying the wrong thing.  Before you know it, you’re claim has become an internet sensation and you find yourself on a list of most hilarious claims ever reported! The identities of those who made these claim statements have remained anonymous (truthfully speaking, we couldn’t find their names), but they did, and boy, are they funny!  Have a laugh for yourself…



“As I approached an intersection a sign suddenly appeared in a place where no stop sign had ever appeared before.”

Ahhh, I can see the news headlines already: “BREAKING NEWS! Stop signs have been popping up sporadically in places that have never had signs or places where it would be highly unusual to see one!” Invasion of the Corner Snatchers…yeah, catchy, but no.

“I left my car unattended for a minute, and whether by accident or design it ran away.”

Needless to say, if you find that your car is running away from you, do not run after it considering it will out run you. Instead, consider investing in a car that has been trained in the sacred art of remaining in one place.

“The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him.”

Dear drivers of all ages, if someone is running away from you while in a car, it is not because he enjoys playing freeze tag with you. Sincerely, everyone.

“I pulled in to the side of the road because there was smoke coming from under the hood. I realized there was a fire in the engine, so I took my dog and smothered it with a blanket.”

Word of advice, be careful how you word your sentences. I believe this man meant he took his dog out of the car then used a blanket to smother the smoke.  Otherwise, poor dog!

“I didn’t think the speed limit applied after midnight.”

If the speed limit applied during the day, chances are it applies at nighttime as well.  This is overall, a good assumption to make.

“Windshield broke. Cause unknown. Probably Voodoo.”

When filling out an insurance claim, get straight to the point…kind of like this guy!

“The claimant had collided with a cow. The questions and answers on the claim form were – Q: What warning was given by you? A: Horn. Q: What warning was given by the other party? A: Moo.”

Naturally, let us have a moment of silence for Betsy the Cow. May you moo in peace! L

“An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car and vanished.”

The person that wrote this is either related to or the same man as the guy who claimed ‘Voodoo’ or just really unobservant.

 Experiencing a loss is usually a frustrating event, so it’s not a surprise that sometimes people lose their mind when giving an insurance claim statement.  That is why Loiselle Insurance Agency is here to help.  As a client of Loiselle Insurance, we ask that you call us directly if you need to report a claim. We are here to help you through the process, help you complete the required claims forms, and answer any other questions you might have.

*We would like to thank Swap Meet Dave for being the source of these laughable claims.