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a lock to increase home security

Your home is your sanctuary and no one wants their space violated by criminals. Fortunately, you can protect your home and belongings by following a few basic tips. From installing bump-proof locks to security alarms, here are a few simple ways to increase your home’s security.

Install New Locks

If you’ve moved into a new house, be certain to change the locks and replace them with bump-proof deadbolts. Since you do not know who has keys to the existing locks, do this as soon as possible. “Bump-proof” locks prevent criminals from using a key and a forceful whack to align the pins of your lock so they can open your door. Locks with deadbolts of at least 1” are your best protection against intruders, because the bolt extends into the door jamb instead of sitting on the surface.

Eliminate Obstructions

Trim away shrubs from windows and doorways. Remove any items that might impede the line of sight from the street. This makes it easier for neighbors and other on-lookers (like a patrolling police officer) to spot an intruder.

Ditch The Hide-a-Key

There’s no point locking your door if you leave a spare key nearby. Burglars know homeowners do this and they also know all of the likely spots such as under a mat, in the mailbox, or on top of the doorframe.

Leave The Lights On

Thieves don’t want to be seen, so one of the best ways to deter them is with security lighting. Flood lights triggered by a motion detector, as well as inexpensive LED rope lighting can illuminate your home, driveway, and backyard so burglars look for an easier target. Use timers on a few interior lights if you plan to be away for an extended period of time.

Buy an Alarm System

Alarm technology is very affordable today. You can buy a system that notifies you via your smartphone or a more complex system set to automatically notify the authorities.

Even though it costs more, a monitored system offers the most protection. Installing an alarm system may also reduce your Rhode Island homeowners insurance costs, because most insurance companies offer a discount.

Use a Safe or Safety Deposit Box

Don’t hide your valuables under the mattress, in your sock drawer, or in the freezer. Burglars know these tricks and these are the first places they look. If you feel you must keep certain valuable items in your home, buy a quality safe and bolt it down. However, a safety deposit box is a more secure option.

No one wants to think about home invasions, but it can occur despite your best security efforts. A homeowners insurance policy can protect you when all else fails, but only if you have sufficient coverage. Don’t find out the hard way that you could have done more. Coverage is more affordable than you might realize.


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