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During spring storm season, it’s shocking how fast your home can become an insurance claim. Heavy rains and hurricanes rarely provide much advance warning. If storm damage hits your home, the insurance company may not pay for your belongings if you can’t prove what was lost.

Do yourself a favor and create a home inventory. Simply shoot video or photos of everything you own. (Don’t forget your clothes and shoes, which can really add up!) Then, store the photos, data files or videotape in a fireproof safe. Make a copy for your safe deposit box, if you’ve got one. It’s also smart for you to save or photograph receipts, owner’s manuals or other proof of purchase of valuable possessions.

Having a home inventory can mean thousands of dollars to you should your home be damaged by a storm or other catastrophe. You have worked hard for your home and possessions, and you will never regret making the effort to keep track of them. It’s time well spent for a time you hope will never come.

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