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If you want a Father’s Day gift that will mean something to the recipient, then you need a do-it-yourself, or DIY, solution. DIY gifts come from the heart. They are unique and often very meaningful. You should consider these three DIY Father’s Day gifts.

Personalized Coffee Mug

You can make the dad of the household a personalized coffee mug as a gift for Father’s Day. Start with a plain, oven-safe ceramic coffee mug. Get a selection of different colored, opaque paint markers from a local crafts store or hardware store. Start drawing on the outside of the mug. You can create inspirational messages or pictures. Kids can just doodle. Let the paint markers dry for a full day. You can then put the mug in a 375-degree oven for around 20 to 30 minutes to set the paint.

Custom Cases for Electronics

Most dads with electronics today want to protect those gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets. A good DIY gift for Father’s Day is a custom case for one or more devices. You can do this with a sheet of leather or vinyl and just some basic sewing skills. Start by gently folding the material to create a pocket for the device. Leave a little extra on the top to act as a closing flap. Sew up the sides with a tight stitch. You can then glue on snaps to keep the flap closed or wrap a length of ribbon around the case. This is durable, functional, and simple.

fathersdayapronBarbecue Apron

A final DIY Father’s Day Gift is a barbecue apron. This is a simple project. You start with a length of fabric in any color or pattern you want. You can use heat transfer paper in your home printer or fabric markers to decorate the material. Cut out a small rectangle and sew it to the front somewhere in the center. This acts as a pocket. The last step is to attach the thin ribbons or cords to the top and sides of the apron so that it can be worn. This is a practical gift that any father will enjoy while grilling or cooking.

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