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You may have wondered how you would file an insurance claim for property that is stolen from your car.  Would that be an auto insurance claim or a homeowners insurance claim?  Great question.  It really does depend on the things you are looking to replace.

When you are involved in an auto claim after your car is stolen, your comprehensive auto insurance will cover your losses to the extent of your policy.  However, coverage is limited to the car itself.  Certain items that are considered part of the car can be claimed, like standard stock stereo systems or speakers.  But if you have any after-market installations done to your car, you may need to have a Custom Part & Equipment endorsement added to your policy to ensure you will be covered.

As for the items you left sitting on your passenger seat like your laptop and sunglasses, your auto policy will not reimburse you for them.  Those items fall under your personal property insurance that can be found on your homeowners policy.  However, the deductible on your policy may be too high to even consider filing a claim.

It is up to you how you handle it when your vehicle or its contents are stolen.  Your best bet is to always lock your doors and keep your personal items out of the car.  Sometimes that isn’t possible.  You need to bring things with you, right?  Right.  

Talk with your insurance agent about whether filing a claim with you homeowners insurance or your car insurance is the right move after your car is stolen.  You may find that filing both will be a good idea.  Or you may find that your things may not have been worth it.  It’s up to you.  Either way, stay safe on the road and leave as many personal belongings at home as you can.