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Just because you don’t own it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it. Try some of these tips to transform your generic rental unit into a unique home.

No Paint? Try Wallpaper

You can’t paint, but you can certainly add some color and excitement to your rental apartment with removable wallpaper. You’ll find countless designs and colors and it lasts. If you need to move, just peel it off carefully, roll it up, and take it to your new home. You can also use this wallpaper to cover an unsightly refrigerator.

Add Splash with Adhesive Wall Decals

Don’t want to cover an entire wall or on a low budget? Try wall decals! You can buy them online or at your local home improvement store and the selection will thrill you.

Add your favorite saying, pattern, texture, or whimsical creature. If you tire of the design or move, peel it off without leaving a mark on the rented walls.

Paint Your Furniture

You can dramatically change the look of your rental by painting your furniture. If you have many mismatched pieces, painting them in one color creates a cohesive look while sticking to your budget.

Lightly sand the pieces then remove the dust and then apply two coats of paint according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you really want to make a statement, choose bright colors like yellow, orange, or blue or dramatic black.

Swap Knobs & Handles

Easily transform your boring kitchen and bathroom cabinets by swapping the knobs and handles. They needn’t match either, if you’re going for an eclectic look, and all it takes is a screwdriver. Keep the old hardware so you can replace it when you leave.

Take a handle with you when you shop so you buy the correct size and consider visiting thrift stores. Many people remodel and donate their hardware.

Personalize Your Space

Add your mark to your home with personalized items. If you have an adventurous DIY nature, buy a stencil and spray paint and decorate an item.

If you’re not the crafty type, you can order a personalized door mat, pillow covers, photo frames, and signs unlike any other.

Don’t Ignore the Power of Accessories

Tired of the neutral colors in your rental home? Add color and texture with accessories. Throw cushions, rugs, throws, lamps, and mirrors are a great way to leave your mark on your rental space economically and worry-free.

Cushions are an especially budget-friendly decorating tactic. Buy cushions with zippered covered and swap them whenever you need a change of mood. Buy lamps and mirrors second-hand and spray paint them to match your décor. Lamps can be costly, so attach new fabric to the shades with a glue gun and trim.

Use Creative Storage

Storage is often an issue in rental spaces, but you can overcome the challenge with a little imagination. Portable storage options such as a bar cart or industrial shelving can become amazing pull-apart storage solutions.

Spray paint them if necessary, set them up where needed, and dismantle them when you leave. They’re not attached to the structure, but provide added storage where you need it.

Use Vertical Space

There’s no better way to add interest to a rental space than adding a vertical element. A bamboo ladder in the bathroom is a great alternative to a dull rowel rack.

Choose narrow bookcases of staggered heights to add interest and variety. Try buying a few pieces of vertical art or dangle a unique, lightweight object from the wall using nail-free hooks.

Investing in your rented space should include protecting the contents. If you do not have renters insurance you need to understand that you’re risking everything. The landlord’s insurance does not protect your belongings and it doesn’t protect you against lawsuits if someone hurts themselves in your unit.

Luckily, renters insurance policies are very affordable so discuss your needs with your local insurance agent. They work for you and have access to many products to suit your budget.

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