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Cookouts are one of the great joys of the season. It is common to make far too much food when using a grill. You can do more than just warm up leftover hot dogs and hamburgers the next day. Here are few different ways you can use your cookout leftovers.


A very simple and flexible way to use your cookout leftovers is with a frittata. This concoction is comprised of baked eggs filled with other ingredients. Dice your leftovers like hamburgers, chicken, vegetables or fish into bite-sized pieces. Beat eight to a dozen eggs and add the leftovers. Pour the mixture into a cast iron skillet over medium heat. Allow the outside to brown and set a little. Finish the frittata in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size. You can cut the frittata into slices like a pie to serve it.

Tacos or QuesadillasHow to Use Your Cookout Leftovers1

If you have grilled beef, chicken, or seafood left over, then you can quickly whip up tacos or quesadillas. You just need tortilla shells or hard taco shells. Warm the leftovers through and place a line of the meat down the center of the shell. Add some fresh or roasted vegetables and top with a little cheese. You can add nearly anything to the tacos to get a tasty meal from your cookout leftovers.


Chili is a good way to get rid of leftover burgers, hot dogs, sausages, or chicken. Add the meat, some onions and peppers, beans, and chili powder to a pot. Add salt and pepper along with a can of crushed tomatoes. Add other spices according to your tastes and the way the leftovers are spiced. Simmer slowly for about an hour until the liquid reduces for a rich chili dish.

How to Use Your Cookout LeftoversHearty Salads

If you were roasting vegetables along with your meat, then you could make a fast hearty salad. Dice up everything and toss it with lettuce. You can use any fat drippings to add a smoky and meaty taste to a basic vinaigrette. You could add roasted potatoes or even a little leftover potato salad to vary the texture and taste. You could even dice and toast leftover buns to make croutons.

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