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Having an employee out on workers comp sometimes makes you want to reevaluate the safety conditions at your workplace.  Have you been doing all you can to keep a safe environment for your employees?  How did that accident happen?  Was it just human nature or was it something that could have been avoided?  It might be time to take a walk around and see if there is anything you need to fix.

Of course, even with every safety measure taken there could still be accidents.  But avoiding as many as you can is your best bet.  People can get hurt from the silliest things that you may never think could do any harm.  It might be in your best interest to get a second set of eyes in on your safety evaluation.  Contact your workers comp carrier’s loss control department for some help.

The loss control department specializes in keeping workplaces safe.  They work for your carrier, but it is in their best interest to keep YOUR workplace safe.  They have your employees in mind when they give you advice on safety.  Avoiding workers comp claims is something that everyone involved hopes for.  Your employees don’t want to get hurt, you don’t want them to be out of work, and your insurance carrier doesn’t really want to pay for claims.  So avoiding claims is essential to keeping everyone’s day running smoothly.

If you are concerned about workplace safety, do not hesitate to get help from someone who knows the ins and outs of workplace safety, like the loss control department.  Also, talk with your employees.  They may know of something that might be unsafe and can be fixed.  Just get your workplace as safe as you possibly can and everyone involved will stay happy, healthy -and most importantly- at work.