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Hurricane Irene is expected to make landfall on the Eastern US within 24 hours. It is expected to reach Rhode Island by Sunday. Our staff will be ready to answer any questions and handle any claims. In the few days that we have prior to the storm, preparation is the best defense so here are some things to keep in mind.

It is important to have an evacuation plan that all of your family members are aware of. Be sure to let out of state relatives or friends know where you will be and how they can reach you. If there is an evacuation notice in your area, comply with local officials and evacuate in a timely manner. Click here to locate the Evacuation Map for your area. It’s never worth putting your family in danger to ride out the storm if local officials have requested evacuations.

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency is urging all residents to prepare for the hurricane by putting together an Emergency Supply Kit for your household. This includes items such as water, non-perishable foods, a radio, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, duct tape, and small tools. Click here for a full list of Emergency Supply Kit items that are recommended. In addition to preparing your family for the worst, its important to prepare your home or business and protect from damage as much as possible. You should take in all outside decorations, trash cans, and lawn furniture. You should secure all windows and doors. Its also a good idea to cover all windows and doors with pre cut and pre drilled plywood to protect them from flying debris. Fill your bathtub with water for sanitary purposes in case there is an interruption of water supply. Prior to the storm, turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting and keep the doors closed in case there is interruption of power. Do not use candles or propane lanterns in your home in case there is a gas leak. It is safest to use battery powered flashlights and lanterns. Most importantly, if your home is damaged during the storm, it’s important to try to prevent it from further damage if at all possible, especially once the storm passes.

If the worst case occurs and your home, auto, boat, or business suffers damage from the hurricane, you should report it to your insurance company as soon as possible. Loiselle Insurance Agency will be open on Monday ready to handle all of your questions and claims needs. Our telephone is (401)723-8510. If telephone service is interrupted, you may also Contact Us Here or via email at You can also report the claim directly to your insurance company if you wish. Claims Telephone Numbers can be found on our website.

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