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            Ahhh, New Year! It is the time that everybody resolves to look a little less like Jabba the Hutt and a little more like (insert good-looking person’s name here), We vow to stop a bad habit such as biting our nails…or other people’s nails (don’t judge), and we swear that we will finish writing that book! I haven’t a clue how you will achieve this, but (!) I know how you can have a little more money for your various escapades (I’ve whet your interest, haven’t I?). From learning to drive like a—safe—mad man to simply making a list, 2013 can be a slightly less expensive, more peaceful, more protective year if you use these three New Year’s Resolutions for your Insurance.



1. Everybody loves a discount! Discover if you meet the requirements for a discount to lower your insurance premium.

            When it comes to your premiums, you could write a book on all the possible ways that the fee could be lowered. For instance, by having alarms installed in one’s home to alert the police or fire department if a there is a fire or break in.  Take advantage of an auto insurance discount if drivers take and complete—successfully (meaning that you aren’t creating natural fountains every time you drive past a fire hydrant)—defensive driving classes that can lower their premium.  Are you always ahead of the game when it comes to paying your bills?  You may qualify for a pay in full discount! Do you own a home, have multiple vehicles, own rental property, and have a boat and motorcycle but somehow they are all insured separately with different companies?  If so, then you are missing out on account and package discounts!  Combine your policies whenever possible to maximize the savings.



2. Pen? Check. Paper? Check. The home inventory can begin!

            Home Insurance allows one to be reimbursed for or replace most personal belongings in your home after a loss. With various storms in the preceding year leaving in their wake destruction and loss of valuables, keeping a detailed record of all possessions can help to prevent difficulties and needless banter when speaking to your insurance company for the duration of the claim process.


            The New Year is a perfect time to complete a home inventory.  Make a note of big ticket items you may have purchased in the last year.  Take a photo of each room in your home to document what you have.  Open closets, and photograph all of the goodies inside them to remind you how much clutter – I mean personal belongings – you have. Keep your home inventory list and photos in a safe place outside of your home, such as a friend or family member’s house or a safety deposit box.  You’ll never be required to show a home inventory at the time of a claim, but it’s certainly in your favor to have one!



3. Ensure that everything is Insured.

            You have coverage but it might not be coverage enough. Let’s say you have an heirloom 3 carat diamond ring belonging to your great grandmother hidden away in your home.  Just because the house is insured, doesn’t mean the ring is.  Your home insurance has limitations when it comes to jewelry, watches, furs, guns, musical instruments, and fine art or collectibles.  Talk to your agent to make sure your valuables are properly covered. 


            Let’s say you have a trailer sitting in your yard that you haul your boat on twice per year, or you have a ride-on lawn mower that costs a fortune.  Do you have a jet ski that you take out on the lake during summer vacation?  Do you know if all these things are insured?  You may be driving around with car insurance but you have the state minimum liability limits.  Maybe you have never considered purchasing uninsured motorist coverage.  Do you really think your policy is covering what you hope it is?


            The lesson here is don’t be fooled that any policy means it’s a good policy or that you are properly covered.  Buying the right coverage can save you money in the long run.  It’s the start of the New Year; take the time to sort through what you have and ask about anything that maybe isn’t up to snuff.



By stopping by or calling, a Loiselle Insurance Agent will always be available to sort through your policies, identify gaps, hunt down the discounts, and sift out a suitable coverage for your circumstance.  Make it your resolution to do so.


Being that it is no more than two weeks after New Year’s I don’t know about all your other resolutions, but this one won’t be hard to stick to. For more information, drop in or call us at 401-723-8510! Have a nice day!