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Living in the Northeast has made us tough. We have gotten accustomed to the crazy weather, such as the storm that hit Rhode Island two weeks ago. This vicious windstorm tore through Rhode Island leaving a lot of damage behind it. Hundreds of trees fell down closing streets and damaging houses.

Damage from storms can be confusing for homeowners, especially when there is damage from a tree falling. It can be difficult to understand what is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Insurance claims can get even trickier when it is actually your neighbor’s tree. As a result we have created this infographic to help you decipher what is covered under your policy when a tree falls.

if a tree falls


If A Tree Falls Infographic

As you can see, in most cases unless negligence is involved, tree damage is your responsibility. Many people find this very surprising and this has been the result of many awkward neighborly conversations.

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