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Regardless of the fact that Mother Earth has refused to get with the program and stop the snow (…)—in the spring, might I add—now is a good time to start considering flood insurance. Preparation for when those unforgiving rains, mudflows, oceanic waters, or melting snow (…) attack your home is crucial. Though many most likely have homeowners insurance that covers things like wind, fire, hail, lightning and theft, the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency recommends that homeowners and renters purchase flood insurance due to the history of there being ‘significant flooding’ during this time for the past three years.

Flooding does not necessarily mean your home will turn to an oversized, indoor pool, even an inch or two can cause an immense amount of damage costing thousands of dollars. Flood insurance policies include two types of coverage, building and personal property coverage. Building coverage is for the damage to your home’s structure.  Personal property coverage is for the damge to your personal belongings inside the home. However, destruction to landscapes is solely the responsibility of the owner. Equipment in the building such as built-in appliances, water heaters, central air, flooring, electrical and plumbing systems, and the building foundation itself all make up the building coverage. The personal property coverage is comprised of personal belongings that can be taken with you if you were ever to vacate the house. Personal and building coverage excludes precious metals, currency, papers of value such as bonds.  There are also restrictions on many policies, depending on the type of basement you have, which excludes coverage for personal belongings kept in the basement.

Don’t leave yourself swimming (no pun intended) in a mess that’s too large to clean up. Keep yourself protected against flood damage by being insured! Don’t forget, you do not have to live near the beach to get flooded!  Call Loiselle Insurance Agency (or stop by) to get more information about flood insurance in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.