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During this holiday season, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of “the big things” and take “the little things” for granted.

Some of “The Big Things”:Untitled design
-the Big box stores and all their last minute deals
-the Big guy in the red suit who is coming very soon
-the Big family meal that you must prepare
-the Big long “wish lists” that you try to fulfill for your children

You get the idea. This time of year is a wonderful time but it is very easy to lose focus on what’s truly important…”the little things”.

Some of “The Little Things”:
-the Little cookies that you bake with family on Christmas Eve
-the Little homemade gifts that your children proudly give to you
-the Little kisses and hugs you exchange with your loved ones
-the Little moments with friends and family

It’s these “Little Things” that reflect the true meaning of Christmas.  When all the craziness of the season is behind us, most people will remember “the little things”, but the “big things” quickly get forgotten.  Memories are made of lots of small, precious moments.

For this holiday season, we wish you and your loved ones lots of “Little Things”, because they will in fact, make your life “Big”.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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