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Keeping your home fresh and clean requires a bit more than simply dusting and vacuuming each 1024px-Example_of_large_home_in_Southlake[1]week. This is especially important in the winter, when we are cooped up without the ability to open a window. Ensuring your indoor air quality is maintained is a way to breathe better while also adding to the health benefits available from fresh air throughout the home. Knowing how to improve your indoor air quality is possible with a few tweaks and tips that can easily be implemented into any living space or dwelling.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Changing and updating the air filters you have in your home regularly is imperative when you want to ensure your household is breathing in the best air possible with less pollution. Check the model number of your furnace and air conditioning units or systems to determine the best method to go about installing new air filters to improve the overall indoor air quality you have throughout your home.

6210207891_b2ec1fce1e_b[1]Dust Frequently

Because poor air quality often results from dust and buildup of dirt and other bacteria, dusting all areas of your home regularly is a way to avoid potential mold and dust within the air you are breathing.

Air Out Your Home

When your home begins to feel too stuffy, even after replacing air filters and frequently dusting, it is possible to improve your indoor air quality by airing out the house itself. Opening windows and allowing screen doors to stay open is a way to increase and maximize airflow while adding fresh air to the house itself.

The more you know about improving the overall indoor air quality of your home the less likely you are to suffer from potential illnesses and respiratory issues related to poor air quality altogether. Taking the time to implement indoor air quality control checks and systems is a way to ensure your family is protected at all times when inside of your home.

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