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If you follow our blogs, you may have noticed that last week we did a blog on how Pawtucket is now making it easier for residents to install pools in their backyards, In case you missed it, click here to view that blog.

This installment of “Frequently Asked Insurance Questions” is also pool-related and probably one of the most common insurance misconceptions.  Everyone always assumes that installing a pool in their backyard will increase their insurance.  Does it? Watch as we sit down and ask the experts; “If I install a pool in my backyard, will that increase my insurance?”

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Bill Charland

Good information shared. thank you.

It might have been my workstation but I could not get the volume up.


Hi Bill.
I am glad you enjoyed it. We heard that a lot of people had sound issues and are working on resolving that issue in the future. Thank you so much for reading our blog!


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