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When you are driving down the road and a rock hits your windshield, it can be a startling experience. You may not be sure exactly what to do in a situation like that. Of course, if you notice any substantial damage, you should pull over to get yourself out of danger. But even if the damage is very small, you will want to have it repaired as quickly as you possibly can.

Those small nicks in your windshield can compromise the integrity of the windshield’s structure. It can weaken the entire thing causing its safety to be lessened. You can be putting yourself and your passengers in danger by driving with even the smallest windshield dings.

Luckily, those small cracks and dings can usually be fixed without having to have your entire windshield replaced. If the damage is less than 3 inches in diameter, all it takes is some resin and a trained professional to get the job done. Be leery of having your windshield repaired by anyone who is not part of a reputable company. Remember, your windshield is what protects you from the harsh conditions of the road when you are driving. You will want the repair to be done correctly to keep yourself safe.

Also, some auto insurance carriers will cover the repair costs without having you pay any deductibles. If you wait until your windshield completely cracks from the small ding, you will have to file a claim and pay the deductible set on your auto policy. So having your small damage repaired quickly is the best way to go.

If you are not sure what your auto insurance carrier’s policy is in regards to cracked windshield repairs, give us a call. We can review your policy and see if you will have coverage to have it fixed.