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InsuranceMythBustedWhile insurance topics may not be considered all that exciting to most people, there are some rumors that go around from time to time about the industry that could make just about anyone wonder what’s going on. You may have heard about some celebrities insuring body parts. You may have heard about all those crazy insurance scams that people try to pull off. However, some of the myths you may have heard hit closer to home.

For example, you may have a side job delivering pizzas for your local pizzeria. Your boss may have told you not to worry if you have an accident because your personal auto policy will cover you. However, the truth is that your personal coverage may not include the times when you drive for business. It is important to find out before you take your own car out for any type of work purpose whether or not you have coverage for accidents.

Another myth you may have encountered is that your premium could increase if you file a claim. While it may be true in some cases, it is not always a definite. It is important to know what could cause your premium to increase. At-fault accidents and major driving violations are some instances when your premium could increase. However, some carriers offer minor violation forgiveness as part of their auto packages. And you may be able to keep your rates low by taking a driver safety course.

Before believing anything you hear, check with your insurance agent to find out the truth about your insurance. But to clarify on one of the myths listed above, some celebrities DO insure their body parts! Hey, Gene Simmons tongue IS an icon all on its own, right? And what would the world be without Heidi Klum’s beautiful legs?



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