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How often have you driven in a rain or snow storm only to have your windows fog up from the inside? You scramble with the windshield wipers to see if they might somehow help, but of course they don’t. You turn on the defrosters and switch between hot and cold and nothing seems to help. Finally, you pull over to properly clean them before you get yourself in an accident. Good thinking.

Having your vision obstructed while driving is very dangerous. There have been many insurance accident claims filed because a driver simply could not see out of his or her windshield. Of course, there are times when the obstructed view cannot be avoided. But in most cases, all that needs to be done is a little bit of preparation to avoid foggy windows.

First, you must realize that fog comes from moisture in the air. The less moisture there is in the cab of your car, the better. If you are coming in from the rain, put your wet clothes and umbrella in the trunk if you can. You may be saying to yourself, “How will I be able to put them in the trunk without then getting myself all wet on my way back to the cab? ” Good question! How about adding a large zippered plastic bag to your cab for such occasions? Placing those wet clothes in the bag and sealing it up can really help.

Keeping the moisture to a minimum inside your cab will help keep those windows from fogging up which could prevent accidents from happening. Once the rain stops, open the windows to get excess moisture out and keep your windows clear. Remember to always keep your vision unobstructed for safe driving and call us with any questions or concerns about any of your auto insurance needs.